Raghu Chaitanya Nayak

Managing Director

After his initial education in Mysore, he went to New Zealand to pursue his post-graduation in “Tourism and Logistics Management”.

On completion of his post graduation degree, he took over the family business and was appointed as Managing Director for the Friendly Group.

After taking the reins, he expanded the business and helped it grow organically from its modest beginnings to the nationally identified conglomerate that it is today.

The group has expanded operations in several verticals under his directive.

Mr. Raghu Chaitanya Nayak, is an optimistic, diligent and pragmatic person - as well as being well travelled; he is meticulous with his planning and execution, grounded and deep rooted with the culture and heritage of Indian society. His aura invigorates, his determination drives his team - his vision has always been to create a World Class Brand. 

He is constantly growing & developing his team with high standards of quality, communication, public relation skills, superlative hospitality and networking. He believes in giving opportunities to new innovators and talents, building enthusiasts out of each one of them and imbibing in them the entrepreneurial spirit to succeed.